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Your donations are making a difference!

It’s always a joy to send positive updates.  First, many of the children who are being helped by the sisters are being promoted in their schools and accepted into very good secondery education.  Mother Stan and the sisters are makeing such a difference in these children’s lives.  Each one was spared certain death and now has a promising life because of Mother Stan and MASEL.

We are happy to announce that the sisters are now receiving highter education themselves so that they can better educate the children and support the orphanage.  Your donations are making a difference.  By educating the Sisters you are helping to ecucate the next generation of children at the Nazareth Home for God’s Children.  Mother sends her love, and as always, her many thanks.

Mother sends her Love!

Although belated, Mother wants you to see some photos of their Christmas celebration!.

In Ghana the children don’t get toys or individual gifts, but they do get new clothes and a big feast (thanks to you our donors).  Mother says all are healthy and wants to thank you all again for all that you do.  She receives funds from a multitude of small donations.  Every day the children and sisters pray for each donor and their intentions.

Mother sends her love and her blessings.

Enjoy the photos.

WE HAVE BASKETS! Marian Sisters Basket fund raiser GOING ON NOW!

Remember the Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love and the tireless work they do for their many orphans and handicapped children!

Donate today and receive a Beautiful Hand-Made One-of-a-Kind Basket as our Thank You Gift!


With every donation of $100 or more we will send to you a basket hand-made by the sisters and the women in their village.  If you donate less than $100, you will be put into a drawing to win one of the “one-of-a-kind” baskets as well.  Multiple baskets will be given away so everyone has a chance!  Write “basket fund raiser” on the check or in the donation notes so that you will receive a basket or be entered into the drawing to receive one. This event for the MASEL long-term fund will last through the end of the year or until all the baskets are gone!  

While the choice of basket cannot be guaranteed, we will do our best to get you the basket you request.  Supplies are limited so it will be first come first serve for selection.  Just know that whichever basket you receive, it was made with love for the benefit of the children.  Merry Christmas and THANK YOU!

New School year – New Classroom!

More than ten years ago when I first traveled to Sang, my classroom was under a shade tree with whatever materials I could find.  Later, there was progress when the children had an enclosed area under the roof of the unfinished convent.  (Convent is now finished.)

I am beyond excited to report that our children are now learning in beautiful classrooms with nice desks, learning supplies, and teachers.  Not included in this set of photos is a school library of books and teaching materials provided by friends in Atlanta.
To everyone, one person at a time —  Thank You —  for changing lives.
Education is their future.
Lee White – Board member MASEL

Sisters profess Vows

On August 15th, 2020, three of our sisters professed their
first vows as Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love. In a time
of great unrest in our world, the event brought new hope and
joy in lives professed for God’s love. The event included
religious from across the region, family of our three sisters,
and the children of the Nazareth Home for God’s Children.
This day included the sisters declaring their new religious
names, professing first vows, as junior professed sisters, the
signing of their commitment, and the bestowing of new
habits. In true Ghana fashion, the day also included
traditional dancing, food, and song. We congratulate Sr.
Maria Goretti Eva Azumah, Sr. Mary Immaculate Issaka,
and Sr. Audry Magdalene Kandose.

By Whitney Buckendorf, MASEL Board member


Mother Stan says all are well. They are praying for us

Some of our boys at afternoon prayer

Dear Benefactors and friends,

 The children, sisters, staff, and entire management of Nazareth Home for God’s Children bring you greetings of love and peace. We are doing well and hope this communiqué would find you all fit and sound and COVID-19 free.  With this communiqué we say be anxious for nothing (Phil. 4:6a).

The children, sisters and staff are devotedly having adoration, rosaries and Masses twenty-four (24) hours each day, calling on the Lord for His dive grace and mercy to grant us all (you our gracious benefactor included) His divine protection, that this COVID-19 would not reach anyone of us who has not yet been infected, and also that He heal those who are infected with it.

Even though this disease has cause lot of fear, panicking and death, let us take a word of consolation from this scripture – Isaiah 41:10, and it reads, “fear not, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I’m your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”.

Know that you are being prayed for, however if you have a special prayer request, please go to the prayer request page.  We pray daily for your personal needs.

Stay safe, God bless you with love from Nazareth Home for God’s Children.

Rev Sr. Stan

(Servant of Nazareth Home)

Children and Sisters enjoy the end to the Rainy season and beginning of Advent!

All is crazy busy (all is normal) at the Nazareth Home for God’s Children, with children enjoying the greenery and fresh vegetables that the rainy season brought forth. Mother says hello to all her benefactors and those who are praying for the sisters and the children at MASEL. The Marian Sisters now have one of the largest orphanages protecting the poorest and most needy children in all of Africa. If you would like to help the Mother and the sisters provide for the children, please go to our donations page. More than 96% off all donations go directly to MASEL and the children. Make sure to put “MASEL” or “Marian Sisters” in the description if you want it to benefit the Sisters as well as the children. If you don’t, all the funds will go to the children. Either is fine. Mother just wants to be sure your wishes are honored.

Enjoying a cuddle from sister.

A Few Pictures!

Registered nurse Brenda Jenkins visited in March, 2019
Our first child to graduate is now off to nursing school.  Congratulations! July, 2019

A website cannot hope to give you a full picture of what life is like for the sisters. Please view one of the video’s below for a more complete picture. Although some of the videos are older, they are all still pertinent to the life of the Marian Sisters and at their Nazareth Home for God’s Children.