All is crazy busy (all is normal) at the Nazareth Home for God’s Children, with children enjoying the greenery and fresh vegetables that the rainy season brought forth. Mother says hello to all her benefactors and those who are praying for the sisters and the children at MASEL. The Marian Sisters now have one of the largest orphanages protecting the poorest and most needy children in all of Africa. If you would like to help the Mother and the sisters provide for the children, please go to our donations page. More than 96% off all donations go directly to MASEL and the children. Make sure to put “MASEL” or “Marian Sisters” in the description if you want it to benefit the Sisters as well as the children. If you don’t, all the funds will go to the children. Either is fine. Mother just wants to be sure your wishes are honored.

Enjoying a cuddle from sister.